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Tabbed Forums Index

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Tabbed Forums Index

This resource will display categories/forums as tabs in Forums index.


Create Your Own Tabs:


You can create how many tabs you want. There are 4 types of tabs:

  • All Root Categories: will add one tab for each root category
  • Specific Root Categories: you can choose how many root categories you want to display per tab
  • Specific Forums: you can choose how many forums you want to display per tab
  • Clubs Specific Forums: you can choose which club forums you want to display per tab


Multi Language Support:

  • You can give tabs different titles according to the languages you have installed in your board


Per Tab Permisison:

  • You can also choose which user groups can view each tab.


Per Tab Style:

  • Table view
  • Grid view



  • It will add a new display option in the index if you allow members to choose forum view type
  • A second line of tabs will show up if you have many root categories. The less the better.


Upgrade from Plugin to the Application:

  • Simply install the application. It will add a tab automatically (All Root Categories) and will uninstall the plugin


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